From the dawning of film history until the dismantling of its own Film Institute, the Berlin Charité hospital produced approximately 1000 educational medical films, expository films and experimental science films. There is no film history of the Charité itself. There are scraps: fragments in the form of notes, articles a few photos and a number of films that have remained. How can one tell a story that does not exist, that appears only intermittently in a context of images and documents full of gaps?

Retrograd was first finished early 2000 but not shown to a large audience until 2001. Since then it has been screened in a variety of countries an festivals including:

Indymedia, Seoul, South Korea (2003)
Antimatter, Vancouver, Canada (2003)
Onion-Experimental Film Festival, Chicago, USA, (2003)
Brooklyn-Underground Festival, New York, USA, (2003)
Mediacity, Windsor, Canada (2003)
Cinematexas, Austin, Texas (2002)
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Panama-City (2002)
Openspace, Milano, Italy (2002)
Opera Paese, Rome, Italy (2002)
KunstWerke, Berlin, Germany (2001)
Bezalel Akademy of Arts, Jerusalem, Israel (2001)
Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv, Israel (2001)
ICA, London, UK (2001)
Ars Viva, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Aachen, Halle (2001)
Kasseler Dokumentar und Videofest, Germany (2000)
Kunstbank Berlin, Germany (2000)
NBK, Berlin, Germany (2000)